What Were You Made For?

The beginning of anything starts with an idea, but the idea develops before it becomes a reality. Many of us have ideas about so many things we want to do or achieve, and anything is possible as long as you make an effort. It took me eight years before I started to write, although I had developed the passion for  years earlier. The fear of the unknown can prevent anyone from doing anything, and especially in a field that is dominated by so many people with different ideas and concepts.

Someone once told me that whatever field you want to enter, know someone might also have the same idea you have, or someone is already in that field. There is always something new being invented  or someone somewhere developing an idea to introduce to the world, but everyone has a place and purpose to contribute to what already exists.

The fear of the unknown often rests on the idea of how to incorporate one’s idea into an already existing system. You may not know what beginning something will bring, but you won’t know until you start. If you want to become a doctor, know that someone is already a doctor. If you want to become a lawyer, know someone is already a lawyer. It does not disqualify you or make your desire to become a lawyer, doctor, etc. an impossible task, it just requires a different substance. There are many doctors, but do all of them practice the same thing? No. No matter how similar or opposite your idea maybe, it is never the same as someone’s idea. Your substance is what separates you from anything that exists. The Unknown is not what you don’t see, but how what you see fits into the idea that you have. So, what do you see and what have you envisioned as being your unknown? Until you put your vision into motion, you will not understand what is hidden in the unknown. It is your motion that activates the light to shine on your unknown, bringing out everything hidden in your unknown.

Matthew 5:13 talks about the reason for our existence, and the Bible refers to as salt. The idea you have serves the purpose of unearthing things that are hidden in the unknown. You only get to test the flavor of the food after you introduce the salt to what it is meant for. Salt serves the same purpose in almost any capacity, but salt works best under different circumstances. The amount of salt you put into one food preparation is always different from what you put in another. So, what is your salt and what have you put your salt in? No matter the idea you have, you will never know it’s impact until you start working towards.

Like food being prepared, you have to constantly check it up to make sure it turns up the way you want it to. Three people can prepare the same type of food, but they will all have different flavors. You can only achieve something when you apply yourself to it, and if that it is your purpose, it will never be the same as what someone else did, because everybody’s purpose is different.

If you have an idea, start developing it. You never know where it might lead, but if you have Jesus, your idea will carry you to places you never imagined. So I ask, do you have an idea, and if so, what have you done with it? If you have no idea what you have, find someone who can help you identify what you carry, who can also help you bring it out, and start making use of what God gave you.

May these words bring you closer and elevate you to where you have been intended to be all along. Your ideas serve a purpose, discover it, develop it and become it.

Live life and be who you were made to be.

God bless.

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