Learn to Keep Your Focus

Keeping your focus is one of the most important aspects of achieving anything in life. I say this because I created this blog more than a year ago, but it is only a couple of weeks ago that I started putting anything here. I thought to myself that I needed a specific content of information before I could count myself as ready. The thing is, sometimes you never know what you have until you do something. You have to search within yourself to find the content. You can never offer people something that you have not identified. You cannot focus on your goal if you try to be like somebody else. I have said previously that your purpose is unique to you, and the way you become successful is by crafting your ideas to your purpose. Distraction comes in when you try to emulate someone’s success without understanding what they did to get to where they are. 

It is great to admire people for their success, and you can use their success as a motivational tool. You have to understand no matter how similar your goal is to someone, how you get there is going to be different. For example, there are many writers, yet everyone’s content is different. Even if the content is the same, how you craft your content will determine how well you do. For you to do that, you need to be able to focus on what makes you different. Anything you know you are good at, make that your focus. Once you are able to do that, nothing shall be able to distract you from getting to your destination. 

Another thing I think is important multiplicity of purpose. I decided to be be a writer, a motivational speaker/preacher and own a business one day. In the beginning I was excited about it, but it also became a distraction, because I tried to make preparations for all at the same time without a strategic plan. What I have done is develop a plan to focus on each aspect at different times, so that I will always have my mind on one singular purpose at a time. 

I decided to be a writer eight years ago, and I began to write some things down, but never got to finish anything or publish anything, because instead of focusing on one thing at a time, I wanted to write about so many things at the same time. It was no guarantee where I would be today, but, maybe, I would be somewhere greater than where I am now. The point is, if you focus, plan and prioritize, nothing in your life is ever going to be delayed. You shall receive everything on time, and at the right time. You are unstoppable. 

God bless you.

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