Don’t Settle For Less

Everyone has to grow, and in growth we discover whether we are capable of something or not. Your purpose is tied to how much you can do, and what you can accomplish or not. Sometimes, the reason someone might not be in purpose is due to that individual’s unwillingness to move. When you do not move, everything becomes stagnant. The stagnancy of a person’s situation is not that he or she cannot accomplish anything beyond his/her current situation, it’s that the individual creates a situation that makes any movement futile. Why is it, that people’s lives become stagnant and how can you recognize whether you are in a stagnant situation or not? Stagnancy can be a negative situation as well as a positive one. You have to know what your purpose is, and understand where you are in your life, and determine whether you have become stagnant or not.

Your life should not depend on a single level of success, but how much your success enables you to grow. It is easy to see a level of success and perceive that to be the ultimate level. Each of us have our own path to follow, and a place to go to. In Deuteronomy 1:6, God reminds the Israelites of the promise he had given them, and a reason to move. Sometimes we focus too much on getting out of a struggle, that when we are able to get out of it, it becomes difficult to move beyond that mentality of being able to overcome anything else, and we would rather stay where we are than move anywhere else that might challenge us. For some, it becomes the drive for them to move beyond, but for others, it is a struggle because it took so long they became used to that situation. However, the situation we find ourselves in can be just what we needed, and yet, they can deter us from doing anything else.

It is important to understand that when you achieve something, it is not the end. Sometimes we forget where our lives are supposed to lead. We are sometimes the carriers of our own limitation in what we are capable of. What do you do when something is stagnant? Stagnancy is very tricky, because sometimes, water can flow through a stagnant situation, confusing what is really happening. Two things can happen when you become stagnant, your life becomes blocked or you never grow. When you understand that every success you achieve is a step up to getting closer to your destiny, you watch out for any situation that might result in a stagnant situation.

Let’s say you earn $100000 a year. Now that is big money for someone. Most people have probably have never seen that kind of money in their lives. Does that mean that when you finally start earning that amount a year, that that is the end of anything you can accomplish? Stagnation will choke your purpose out of you.

Understand that your purpose is much more than what you earn. Any success you achieve opens up entry to something greater. When a level of success seems like an impossible task, it is understandable to want to remain there, especially if the price of that success was an overwhelming challenge. You have to understand that in the same way you were able to overcome that challenge, you will also be able to overcome anything that you encounter. The more you grow, the more your world expands, and so you have to know that with expansion comes understanding of how to fill every space that comes with the expansion. God knows everything that lies ahead of you. Do not limit what God can do through and with your life just because your current success seems so out of this world. There is much more you can accomplish if you will get up from where you are and move to greater heights.

God bless you.

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