Going Through The Motions

So many things happen to us during the course of the day, weeks or months that bring out different reactions. Let’s say you are driving, and someone cuts in front of you without warning, most people’s reaction is that of anger. The reason for the anger  is what could have happened, you could have died but you were focused on the road, and so when it happened, your senses  allowed you to overcome that situation.

Motions are what we go through, and they come out of situations we go through. It does not matter if it is a situation of your own creation, sometimes certain situations arise we did not plan for. You do not decide what family to be born in, what town to be born into, and you are forced to deal with whatever that atmosphere presents. When you are finally able to talk or think, you realize you have already been thrust into a life you had no choice in, but that is what you are dealt with. It can be frustrating sometimes, when you are a child, but you grow up and develop a mindset of your own, and then you are confronted with making a choice based on what you know and what you have discovered.

The motions we go through are when even after we have discovered those things, we still have no say or action in the situation we find ourselves in. You did not have a choice in it, but you have to spend a good portion of your life, living a life based on someone’s suggestions. Another thing is, that the person or people who were part of your beginning are people who have an understanding of what it takes to go through the motions. It will feel like anger, sadness, fear, etc., because you never know what that person is going to introduce you to next, and it is not always going to be something you are comfortable with, but if there is a trust between you too, it will always lead you to where you are supposed to be.

Certain things happen to us that we have no control of, and there is nothing we can do about it. The relationship between us and God is the greatest example. We ask God for things all the time, and it comes very fast sometimes, and at other times, it comes slow. Once you know this, you will find it easy to understand that motions are normal, that a choice, regardless of what it is, will not elicit the same result. Your choices may have an uncertain future, but your future is certain because your motions are what have made you excel in everything you have done, and knowing that your motions are going to be different will always bring you different results, but positive and great results. 

Don’t allow your motions to determine your success, but let it strengthen you in all you do, and no matter what you achieve, it will always bring you to where God wants you to be and what he has in store for you.

God bless you. 

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