There is Something in The Dark 

Close your eyes for a second. What do you see? Is it an emptiness of nothing or a darkness of purpose? Regardless of what you see, the only way you know it’s dark or empty is in your mind. When a place is dark, familiarity will give you an idea of the environment you are in. Darkness implies absence of clarity, and not an emptiness of purpose. 

When Hurricane Sandy struck, many people experienced blackouts. It was a long time I had experienced darkness for a long time, but I was not worried, because I was familiar with my environment. The substance of what I have does not diminish, neither does it increase until I did something with it. I was in school at that time, and had to do some assignments, so I took what I needed from the darkness I was in, and moved to a different location that had power and Internet connection. How did I know I had what I had? Because I knew what my environment was, and what I had in that environment, and what I had to do to keep moving towards my purpose.

Your life does not have to come to a halt just because you have experienced darkness. What you need to succeed does not become invalid or disappear just because you cannot see it. Your potential exists within you whether you are in a dark situation or not. You just have to adjust to a different environment in order to become the person you are meant to be, but know that what you need is always with you. God is with you and will always reveal to you what is in the dark. 

You are more than the darkness. Your value can never be overshadowed by the darkness you experience. 

God bless you. 


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