Moving in Focus

Knowing your destination is important as knowing how and what to do you get there. When you ride the bus or train, your focus is always on getting there at the time that you perceive the train or bus will get there. You cannot take over the train or the bus just because you are in a hurry to get to your destination. Do not become distracted by how well you move, or it will shift your focus from where you are going to creating the perfect movement. 

I went to a farm once to buy some things, and in order to get what I wanted, I had to move in between where the crops were growing, because not every crop was ripe for plucking, and they were so grown close together, that by the time I was done, my clothes were all wet, and had been poked by a few thorns. I could have easily broken these thorns and made my way to wherever the ripe crops were, or even come home and wore better clothes, but I could not,  because even if I came back and changed my clothes, it would not change the conditions surrounding what I wanted. It is a farm, and that is the way things are grown there. Such is how our movements in life are, we do not move only when the environment satisfies us. In order to get to your destination, sometimes you might have to go through some thorny situations or wet situations. It is your movement that will determine how you arrive at your destination.

Conditions vary from location to location. It does not mean every movement you make is going to be met with unfavorable conditions, it just means that if you keep your focus on your destination, no thorny or wet situation, or any kind of situation can ever deter you from reaching your destination. Sure you will feel some pain or encounter resistance, you shall make it to your destination because you never allowed yourself to be distracted. 

Movement is important in everyday life, but don’t just move because you have legs or a car, but when you move, let your focus be on where you are going, and no matter what you encounter, you shall always succeed in getting to your destination. 

God bless you.

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