I assume everyone has been in a hurry to get somewhere, and you are moving. You are driving, and from afar off you see a traffic stop, and the light is green, and you think to yourself ‘if I hurry up, I can cross before it turns red’. Just when you are about to get there, the light turns yellow, which is an indication for you to slow down or hurry up, because other drivers on another side are about to get their turn, which has nothing to do with where you are going, but those are the rules of the road, and regardless of how fast or slow you want to get to your destination, there is always going to be a traffic light in your way.

Much like the rules of the road, life is also going to have traffic stops. When you see yellow light, it means wait, which translates to something better or be cautious of the road you are about to step on. Many of us do not want to wait, because some see waiting as a delay to achieving their goals in life. How many people can drink a bottle of water and say they would not deronk water again for the rest of their lives? Eventually, you will have to stop and refill, and when it happens, it is not a delay or a roadblock, it is a chance for you to refuel and be better than you were before. 

Some areas of your life are going to feel like traffic stops, telling you to WAIT sometimes, STOP sometimes, and feel like GO sometimes, it will not delay your progress in life, but give you a renewed strength to achieve success in all you do, and when it proves to be a negative experience, use it to fuel your drive to make it. 

The fact of life is that there are always going to be be traffic stops. You can never know if it is a yellow, red or green, but nothing can ever delay what God has designed for you. When you encounter a WAIT sign, take time and examine what is causing the wait. When you encounter a STOP sign, use that time to re-energize all the tools you need to keep moving. When you encounter a GO sign, move with a purposeful and focused resolve, and grab what is yours. You are under the protection and the guide of God, who knew you before you entered this world.

God bless you.

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