Successful Discomfort

Progress is not always going to come under the most comfortable circumstances. For a couple of weeks now, every day I have gone to work, I have felt out of place, eager to escape that which brings me monetary wealth, but brings me an unfulfilled purpose.

Many people, whether they know their purpose or not, do not immediately step into a greater height of their lives, but people have to start from somewhere. The danger of starting somewhere is getting used to something that has nothing to do with your place in this world, but because of success you may achieve in your current disposition, you might be tempted to remain where you are. Everyone, including me, likes to possess money, and sometimes, people end up in all sorts of things that they achieve success for, but does not bring any personal fulfillment.

Successful discomfort is when you achieve something, but you still feel the need to achieve more, and you become frustrated because you feel inadequate in your achievement, so I ask, Are you in a place of successful discomfort, achieving all that you have been achieving, yet feeling unfulfilled? Is there a feeling that you can do more than your current disposition? A better question is: what makes you fulfilled and is that where you find yourself now? Do not place yourself in a position where your success prevents you from stepping into what defines your place and purpose within this world. You might have to start from somewhere, but do not hold on to temporary success that rids you of becoming your true self, which can offer you more than what you have and are now.

I am not saying stop what you are doing now, but if you know what you are meant to do, and have an opportunity to do something about it, go for it. Your life will never be the same, but you will find yourself within your purpose, and within a more promising and rewarding life. However, if you are where you are supposed to be, pursue that position with all the skills and abilities God has placed within you. 
I pray success for everyone,  and that your success leads you to more success into your true purpose.

God bless you. 

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