Distractions Are Temporary

Distractions are part of the journey of life, but it is worth noting that it is just that, something that is on the side of the road. What you have purposed to accomplish exists on the road you believe is best to getting to your destination, and along the way, you will encounter things that seem exactly like what your purpose is, but you need to ask yourself what is temporary and what is permanent.

Everything in life is built on a foundation, and foundations are permanent, depending on what direction you are headed. So, what is your foundation based on, and where does it lead? If you understand this, you will be able to recognize that anything you encounter, that has nothing to do with your purpose in life, is just a distraction; and distractions are just that, to prevent you from focusing on what really matters.

Understanding that distractions are temporary will help you recognize them, eliminate them and prioritize what is important. You have to also know that any issue you are experiencing is just temporary, and that God will always direct you to where you are supposed to be, if you will be attentive to his voice and act accordingly. If you can do this, you will always find your way to your destination, and achieve success upon success.

God bless you.

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