Trust the Process

I think that when people’s current situations run contrary to where they envision themselves at, some give up, and find another thing to move on to. Some people move on, not because what they are involved in is wrong, but because they did not anticipate what they might encounter. While no one can predict what lies ahead, you can prepare yourself for your journey by assessing your strengths and your weaknesses. Knowing what you are capable of is only part of the process; developing the skills to pursue your skills no matter what you may experience is another thing.

There is the beginning and the end, and in between is the process. The process is how you get from your beginning to your end, and in between, you have to make a lot of decisions that will either propel you or derail you, and it is important to understand that how you react to challenges will determine whether you succeed or not.

The process is different for every person, and everyone handles it differently. There are those who see challenges, take the necessary steps to overcome it; there are those who see challenges as a negative thing, and work their way to avoiding it; and there are those who change their final destination due to the challenge they face. Which one are you? If you see a challenge, and address it head on, you need to understand where your handling of the challenge will lead you to. If you see every challenge as negative, and try to avoid it, you never experience growth, because the more you overcome, the better you become at addressing the challenges that may come your way. There are some challenges that are actually negative, but you need to know the challenge that is designed to help you to grow, and the challenge that comes to destroy what you are pursuing in life. What you can do, is develop a vision to recognize what is designed to destroy and what is designed to propel you to greater heights.

The final group I will address are those who change what they are pursuing every time they meet a challenge, and it is not an inability to handle the challenge, but the fear of failure, so they change their mind to pursue something else. I do not mean to be cruel, but challenges are part of life, and the process. Ask yourself: in changing my purpose, am I destroying my chances of succeeding at something that was designed for me? If what you are pursuing is something you are passionate about, good at, and will help you get to your destination, trust in God and in your ability. You have come this far, and you are capable of more beyond what you are currently experiencing.

No one can predict what he/she will experience on the journey of life. All you have control of is where you are and where you envision yourself being, but the process, no matter how experienced you are, you will encounter a process you are not familiar with. Know that your ability that got you to where you are now makes you qualified to be on this level, and as you have matured into this level, you will need to upgrade yourself to handle whatever this level demands.

When faced with an impossible or uncertain situation, there is always a way out. The answer is within you. Search within yourself and apply yourself, and you shall be able to be able to go through every process, coming out stronger, and with more success than you imagined. Stay the course.

God bless you.

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