Accepting The Unacceptable

Choices are important in every area of life, and it does not matter how old you are. What is the foundation upon which you make your decisions? Most of us make decisions to create our own path in the world, but no decision comes without a reason. So, what if you make a decision meets resistance? Or what if you make a decision and someone decides they do not agree with you, and the only way he/she will accept your choice is if it is according to what they want? A better question is, are your decisions based on what society sees as acceptable or what you see as important to your purpose in life? I believe most of the chaos surrounding what is acceptable comes down to everything being classified as right. What is acceptable is now based on what feels good. So, people make decisions to feel good, not because it is right, and when their choices meet resistance, the resistor is considered an enemy.

What is considered to be ‘right?’ Right is defined as something that is morally correct, just, or honorable. So, if no one is around, would you make a morally correct? I think that certain decisions that are immoral gain ground because of the whole freedom of choice, and as much people have a right to make personal choices, should people be forced to accept the choices of others? We live in a world where morality has been overruled by freedom of choice. People make choices and expect the rest of the world to accept those choices, even if those choices are dishonorable.

Choices are always going to be made, and for whatever reason, your choice will be based on your need to accomplish something. Your choices come to define your present and your future, and I believe God has given each of us a role to play, and the choices you make play a huge role in your success. When faced with adversity, do you push ahead or do you compromise to be accepted? The choices you make in life will lead you somewhere, and you have to know where you are going, and what you have to do, so you do not accept anything.

Accepting the unacceptable does not mean accepting every choice, but understanding that your choices should be specific to who you are, where you are going and to where you are headed. Moving through this world, you will encounter situations and events that will challenge your belief and influence your choices, but do not change if they have nothing to do with where you envision yourself going.

Everything might be doable, but not everything is acceptable.

God bless you.

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