Blurring Reality

How many times have you lived inside your head, living in a fictional world and imagined it in your reality? Everything we see began with a thought and it can be disappointing when your vision moves beyond your reality. Your vision should be based on your reality.

Many of us get lost in thought, often fantasizing about things we wish we could have or possess, and we sometimes obsess about those things, to the point that it cripples us from enjoying the reality we live in.

Vision and Mind projection are two different things, the latter of which I became a victim. I tried to project what I saw in my mind, and tried to force it to become my reality. It caused me to neglect every bit of my God-given talent. Every time I asked God why what I was seeing in my head was not my reality, He will remind me of what is inside me.

Vision is important, but do not allow it to prevent you from pursuing the things that are in your life now, because when I allowed the vision in my head to distract me from pursuing what I had going on, I ended up pursuing nothing at all.

Break down your vision from its roots to its applicability until it connects to where you are in your life right now, because when God brought you into the location or place you are, He meant for you to begin something that will eventually bring you to a place of purpose. I almost ended up not pursuing anything because I thought that my vision was something that was mine to own now, even though I did not not have what it took to possess it now.

Understand where you are now, how it applies to the vision of where you are in your mind, and make a plan that will lead you, but do not abandon what you have now, especially when it is your gateway to realizing the manifestation of your vision.

Remain blessed and focused.

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