Why Did I Fail?

I tried it the first time and I failed, so I thought that is not my area of strength. Then I tried another thing and I failed that one too. I tried so many things and failed each one of them, and each time, I failed to realize that I was the failure. I was a failure because I did not learn from my resolve. I was excited for what I got, then I lost my desire to pursue it. I became an embodiment of entitlement, thinking to myself that the world owed me. So I stopped pursuing anything, because I thought I had done enough, thinking it was now the world’s turn to honor its agreement. So I stopped trying, because if the world was unwilling to recognize my efforts, how was I going to succeed? So I quit. Then I realized–I was the reason I failed. I abandoned the process, and with that, betrayed my ability to become successful.

Be careful not to abandon your process, because once gone, you become susceptible to anything that looks like a way out, but is rather designed to cripple your ability to establish a permanent foundation to the achievement of your goals.

Be persistent, consistent and focused, and you shall always reach your goals.

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