The Godless Generation

The Godless Generation

The Godless Generation are not those who have not accepted or known the name of Jesus, but those who see Jesus as a convenience rather than the necessity. Jesus was very specific about how we get to God. It is important to understand that the decision in seeing God as the foundation of who we are has been absent from the lives of many people, and it is not because they do not realize they need Him, they see Him as something that is insignificant to their lives right now. They have an association to all things and nothing at all.

Nothing stays the same forever, and being Godless means faith in nothing, which means affiliation with nothing. The Godless generation are swayed by anything, because they are about what is trendy rather than what is significant.

Significance plays into your purpose in life, and the significance of direction is staying on the path that you can’t see, but God sees everything.

The Godless generation act on what they see, but they also can’t handle the pressure of obstacles. They do not understand the significance of uniqueness. The Godless generation understand trendy to be their identity, and anything that is not socially acceptable is not worth pursuing. So they yield to society’s voice, which changes by the times, forgetting that God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Do not yield to a generational ideology without a personal identification of what constitutes as right or wrong. I made this discovery in my teenage years, yet still struggled to maintain an consistency of Godliness, pandering what society deemed as right; almost to the point that I almost lost sight of my vision and how it fit into the world I live in.

Be established in Godly life that has proven to move one beyond your personal capabilities. Stay true to who you are and whose you are.

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