You Are Unique The Way You Are

​Be open and ready to demonstrate the God in you. You never know the environment you may find yourself in, so do not discount any situation you find yourself in. The person you are might be just what a community needs to advance into God’s purpose. Do not change unless it is God causing the change. You were made to be different, and appreciating your difference will allow you to impact more lives than you can imagine, but it only happens when you stay true to who you are. So, who are you and where do you find yourself?

Salt is salt no matter where you put it, and it does not try to be anything else other than what it was made for. So are you, and  you can be your best when you stay true to who you are, and within where you are effective the most. It does not you will not encounter challenges, but your true self shall always overcome anything that stands against you, because your true self is founded on what makes you exceptional. So, who are you and what makes you exceptional from everyone else? The key is to be different yet true to yourself. If you shall be true to yourself, there is nothing that can stand in your way to success.

Do not deviate from who you are meant to be, and nothing shall be our of your reach.

God bless you. 

Don’t Settle For Less

Everyone has to grow, and in growth we discover whether we are capable of something or not. Your purpose is tied to how much you can do, and what you can accomplish or not. Sometimes, the reason someone might not be in purpose is due to that individual’s unwillingness to move. When you do not move, everything becomes stagnant. The stagnancy of a person’s situation is not that he or she cannot accomplish anything beyond his/her current situation, it’s that the individual creates a situation that makes any movement futile. Why is it, that people’s lives become stagnant and how can you recognize whether you are in a stagnant situation or not? Stagnancy can be a negative situation as well as a positive one. You have to know what your purpose is, and understand where you are in your life, and determine whether you have become stagnant or not.

Your life should not depend on a single level of success, but how much your success enables you to grow. It is easy to see a level of success and perceive that to be the ultimate level. Each of us have our own path to follow, and a place to go to. In Deuteronomy 1:6, God reminds the Israelites of the promise he had given them, and a reason to move. Sometimes we focus too much on getting out of a struggle, that when we are able to get out of it, it becomes difficult to move beyond that mentality of being able to overcome anything else, and we would rather stay where we are than move anywhere else that might challenge us. For some, it becomes the drive for them to move beyond, but for others, it is a struggle because it took so long they became used to that situation. However, the situation we find ourselves in can be just what we needed, and yet, they can deter us from doing anything else.

It is important to understand that when you achieve something, it is not the end. Sometimes we forget where our lives are supposed to lead. We are sometimes the carriers of our own limitation in what we are capable of. What do you do when something is stagnant? Stagnancy is very tricky, because sometimes, water can flow through a stagnant situation, confusing what is really happening. Two things can happen when you become stagnant, your life becomes blocked or you never grow. When you understand that every success you achieve is a step up to getting closer to your destiny, you watch out for any situation that might result in a stagnant situation.

Let’s say you earn $100000 a year. Now that is big money for someone. Most people have probably have never seen that kind of money in their lives. Does that mean that when you finally start earning that amount a year, that that is the end of anything you can accomplish? Stagnation will choke your purpose out of you.

Understand that your purpose is much more than what you earn. Any success you achieve opens up entry to something greater. When a level of success seems like an impossible task, it is understandable to want to remain there, especially if the price of that success was an overwhelming challenge. You have to understand that in the same way you were able to overcome that challenge, you will also be able to overcome anything that you encounter. The more you grow, the more your world expands, and so you have to know that with expansion comes understanding of how to fill every space that comes with the expansion. God knows everything that lies ahead of you. Do not limit what God can do through and with your life just because your current success seems so out of this world. There is much more you can accomplish if you will get up from where you are and move to greater heights.

God bless you.

Learn to Keep Your Focus

Keeping your focus is one of the most important aspects of achieving anything in life. I say this because I created this blog more than a year ago, but it is only a couple of weeks ago that I started putting anything here. I thought to myself that I needed a specific content of information before I could count myself as ready. The thing is, sometimes you never know what you have until you do something. You have to search within yourself to find the content. You can never offer people something that you have not identified. You cannot focus on your goal if you try to be like somebody else. I have said previously that your purpose is unique to you, and the way you become successful is by crafting your ideas to your purpose. Distraction comes in when you try to emulate someone’s success without understanding what they did to get to where they are. 

It is great to admire people for their success, and you can use their success as a motivational tool. You have to understand no matter how similar your goal is to someone, how you get there is going to be different. For example, there are many writers, yet everyone’s content is different. Even if the content is the same, how you craft your content will determine how well you do. For you to do that, you need to be able to focus on what makes you different. Anything you know you are good at, make that your focus. Once you are able to do that, nothing shall be able to distract you from getting to your destination. 

Another thing I think is important multiplicity of purpose. I decided to be be a writer, a motivational speaker/preacher and own a business one day. In the beginning I was excited about it, but it also became a distraction, because I tried to make preparations for all at the same time without a strategic plan. What I have done is develop a plan to focus on each aspect at different times, so that I will always have my mind on one singular purpose at a time. 

I decided to be a writer eight years ago, and I began to write some things down, but never got to finish anything or publish anything, because instead of focusing on one thing at a time, I wanted to write about so many things at the same time. It was no guarantee where I would be today, but, maybe, I would be somewhere greater than where I am now. The point is, if you focus, plan and prioritize, nothing in your life is ever going to be delayed. You shall receive everything on time, and at the right time. You are unstoppable. 

God bless you.

The Cycle of Life

Many of us view our lives like the days of the week, Monday comes and we wish it was Friday; Sunday comes and we wish Monday would never come. Of course it is different with everyone, because someone’s Monday may be another person’s Friday. The issue is, that life is a cycle of events, stretched across multiple days, years and months, and even with the best laid plans, nothing is guaranteed. Some of us develop a foundation, where no matter what happens or when it happens, we are able to turn a situation and make it into a positive one.

The cycle of life may seem like a repeat, but it is that repeat that breeds new life into the old one. Repeat is not always a bad thing; it just means doing something over again either to perfect it or make sure it works the way it is supposed to. Life is that way because like the human body, the arm and the leg have different functions, yet are connected together. Look at the functions of your body as the seasons, when it is cold, you wear a sweater to protect your body from freezing to death. Does it mean everything that happened in the summer was bad? No. It just means the current season brings something different, and requires something different to get through it.


Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 explains that everything under the earth has a purpose. It could be cold in one place and hot in another because that is what life is like.

You have to understand that a season is temporary, because when you plant, you do not harvest the same day. Life will seem like planting sometimes, and seem like harvesting at other times. In between planting and harvesting, a lot of maintenance has to be done to ensure success.

Seasons are like cycles, they come and go, but it is what happens in between that counts. You can envision yourself to be anything you want, but to actually get into who you want to be, you have to have the tools necessary to handle anything you encounter. You have to know that God knows the season you are in, and even before it started, God had prepared you to handle what the season would bring.

The cycles will always come and go, but you have to learn what cycle you are in, and plan accordingly, because every cycle might be different, but if you understand the cycle of life, it won’t matter what season you encounter or what it brings, you will always be able to handle it. Know that the God who created the season understands what takes to get through every season, and He made you with every step and season in mind. Develop a foundation, make it a God foundation, and no season shall be able to do anything God did not prepare for you.

Cycles exist for the same reason you go through the day doing different things. Morning shall come, and you will have to go through something different. You can get through anything, as long as you do not lose focus of your goal.

Which Path do I Choose?

Everyday we wake up with plans already in place as to what we are going to do, and how we will accomplish those goals. When you step into your car, bus or train, you know where to stop, how long it will take you to get to your destination. Everything seems like clockwork, until you end up in traffic, the train is delayed or the bus is late, and you are confronted with the likelihood that you are not going to get to your destination on time. So you go early the next time, hoping to get to your destination on time, only this time, you get there too early and you are not ready for what you find because nothing has been prepared for you. Such is the life that we encounter daily. Sometimes, the best path may seem clear until you step on it, and then you realize it is not the same as how it was yesterday. The path has not changed, it is the condition of the path that is not the same.

 I remember driving yesterday, and I got to a part of the road where one side was cloudy, and the place I was coming from was still sunny. The road was still the same, it was the atmosphere that was different. Does it mean I go back to the sunny road, no? What if you go back and it’s not sunny anymore? Do you keep chasing a sunny road, or do you just go with it? Like the seasons of the year, you do not put life on hold or opt to remain where you are just because the conditions have changed. There are certain things you cannot control, but what you can control is how you respond to those changes on the road to your destiny.

The fact of life is this, no day is always going to be the same. Your destination is always going to be there; it is the path you take that will determine whether you get there early, late or on time. Proverbs 3:6 explains that paying attention to the voice of God in everything you do will help keep you on track. The uncertainty of the path you choose requires patience and clarity, and who better to show you other than God, who has an idea of every path you will take. 

The fact is, the only person who knows anything about your path is you, but the only one who actually knows what your path entails is God. People plan what they want to achieve, the path they have chosen, and everything is great until you meet something you did not plan for, and then it shifts your path. You might shift your path because you think you encountered something that was not part of your plan. It is like driving, and thinking the person in front of you is slow, so you switch to the next lane, only to realize the lane you switched to is worse than the one you were on. In as much as you can’t predict what lies ahead, you also should not move blindly till you know more. Acknowledge God in everything you do, and you shall always find yourself on the right track.

When you find yourself experiencing unfamiliar conditions, know that your destination has not changed, and you are more than capable of handling any changes. You have come this far, and there is nothing that can stop you from getting to your destination. Sure, the road may seem different at times, but with God, nothing shall be able to stop you from getting to your destination on time and at the right time. 

You know where you are going, and you will get there if you remain on track.

God bless you.

Living With Purpose

The ground exists for several reasons, and it contains so much more than what we see. Deep within every ground is what makes all the beautiful trees we see so rich with color, and everything we see. You do not plant a mango when an apple grows, and you do not plant corn where cabbage grows. How is it, that it is the same soil, yet different things thrive in different places? We all have our places to be, what capacity we have to be in and what we are.

In order to produce anything, you have to have something to sow and where to sow it. Everyone was born, carrying something within them, and it is this seed that you plant to become who you are supposed to be. What is your seed, and have you planted the seed you were given or have you taken another seed that is not yours to grow?

A baby does not jump out of his mother’s womb, ready to become a lawyer, pastor, teacher, etc. You have to go through a process. Even if you have planted before, you always have prepare the soil, know how to place your seeds, and constant supervision in order to maintain the integrity of the seed. Before a baby comes out of a mother’s womb, it takes nine months because it has to be formed into what it is supposed to be like when it is outside its mother’s womb. Your purpose has to match your seed, so you are not swept by anything that is in conflict with who you are supposed to be.

The ground is the foundation of your stability, and the place where your seed is nourished. Never run away from your foundation; not only does it give you stability, it feeds your purpose.

Living with purpose is a lifestyle, which means when you discover your purpose, you practice it till you become effective and successful at it. Let’s say you want to become surgeon, no matter where you start, the moment you discover that purpose, you make it a part of your daily life to know how to become your purpose. You go through stages of growth before you can step into your purpose. You have to know your purpose before you can step into it.

I know some people are content to just flow like the wind, going where space is. The moment things begin to be moved into an empty space, the air begins to be pushed out. Take a bottle, always full of air, but the moment you fill it with something, the air begins to go out. Air is everywhere because that is its purpose. You can’t flow like air if you have not been able to discover your purpose.

“Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth.
Matthew 5:13‭ MSG
You have to understand who you are to know your purpose. Verse 13 talks about salt being what makes the soup tasteful, which your purpose has to lead to creation of something else. Your purpose is not to be hidden. You were not made to be be hidden but to be seen. Your purpose has to show everywhere you are, either in deed or character.

If you do not know what your purpose is, be like the salt, know your substance and know where you fit, because light exposes and salt adds value to what you have. In this same way, your purpose is not something new; you are born with it. Your purpose is something that comes natural to you. It does not mean it will be easy, it just means you are capable of handling anything because your purpose is part of you.

The reason you might have difficulty making your purpose is when you see it as a long-term idea. ‘I will start doing it when I am here or when I have this’. The longer you separate yourself from your purpose, the harder it becomes for you to do anything about it. When your purpose is not part of your life, you cannot develop the skill set to handle the responsibilities that come with your purpose.

Before I started writing, I always said that I will do certain things after I have become this, and I realized that the longer I took to plan how my purpose fits into my life, the harder I was able to do anything else. Your purpose is the foundation upon which everything else you do is built. The salt that you are, is what makes everything in your life become tasteful. When you prepare soup or any kind of food, it will not be tasteful until you add salt to it. It is the salt that unites every other ingredient in the food, so is your life; the more you grow your purpose, the easier you are able to step into it.

Your purpose becomes your motivation, and everything that you do is affected by it. Even if your purpose exists within your profession, it makes you want to try harder. Let’s say you are a teacher, and your real passion is making sure people rise up to their potential. You cannot know what someone’s purpose is, but through your commitment as a teacher, you can help others discover their own and step into it. It makes you wake up everyday and go into your profession, and see everything you do as being more of your purpose than anything else. You do it even when no one is watching or even if it is not during school hours. It becomes a part of your life, making sure others become who they are supposed to be.

Living with purpose is more than just knowing what it is; it is becoming what your purpose is, on this earth that you dwell in. Make your purpose a part of your daily life and you will never be the same.

God bless you.

What Were You Made For?

The beginning of anything starts with an idea, but the idea develops before it becomes a reality. Many of us have ideas about so many things we want to do or achieve, and anything is possible as long as you make an effort. It took me eight years before I started to write, although I had developed the passion for  years earlier. The fear of the unknown can prevent anyone from doing anything, and especially in a field that is dominated by so many people with different ideas and concepts.

Someone once told me that whatever field you want to enter, know someone might also have the same idea you have, or someone is already in that field. There is always something new being invented  or someone somewhere developing an idea to introduce to the world, but everyone has a place and purpose to contribute to what already exists.

The fear of the unknown often rests on the idea of how to incorporate one’s idea into an already existing system. You may not know what beginning something will bring, but you won’t know until you start. If you want to become a doctor, know that someone is already a doctor. If you want to become a lawyer, know someone is already a lawyer. It does not disqualify you or make your desire to become a lawyer, doctor, etc. an impossible task, it just requires a different substance. There are many doctors, but do all of them practice the same thing? No. No matter how similar or opposite your idea maybe, it is never the same as someone’s idea. Your substance is what separates you from anything that exists. The Unknown is not what you don’t see, but how what you see fits into the idea that you have. So, what do you see and what have you envisioned as being your unknown? Until you put your vision into motion, you will not understand what is hidden in the unknown. It is your motion that activates the light to shine on your unknown, bringing out everything hidden in your unknown.

Matthew 5:13 talks about the reason for our existence, and the Bible refers to as salt. The idea you have serves the purpose of unearthing things that are hidden in the unknown. You only get to test the flavor of the food after you introduce the salt to what it is meant for. Salt serves the same purpose in almost any capacity, but salt works best under different circumstances. The amount of salt you put into one food preparation is always different from what you put in another. So, what is your salt and what have you put your salt in? No matter the idea you have, you will never know it’s impact until you start working towards.

Like food being prepared, you have to constantly check it up to make sure it turns up the way you want it to. Three people can prepare the same type of food, but they will all have different flavors. You can only achieve something when you apply yourself to it, and if that it is your purpose, it will never be the same as what someone else did, because everybody’s purpose is different.

If you have an idea, start developing it. You never know where it might lead, but if you have Jesus, your idea will carry you to places you never imagined. So I ask, do you have an idea, and if so, what have you done with it? If you have no idea what you have, find someone who can help you identify what you carry, who can also help you bring it out, and start making use of what God gave you.

May these words bring you closer and elevate you to where you have been intended to be all along. Your ideas serve a purpose, discover it, develop it and become it.

Live life and be who you were made to be.

God bless.

Dealing with the Unexpected


Each of us have expectations, things we want to achieve in our lives. Some of us even have a written down plan of when to achieve something, the level of achievement we want and in what manner we want it. But what happens when your expectation becomes unexpected? I am not talking about exceeding your expectation but not reaching it or falling short of your goal on multiple occasions. Do you just give up? No, you adapt to your environment, and make the most out of what you have been dealt with.

I went to college, with the intention of becoming a doctor, but it never happened for me. For three years, I pushed ahead, thinking that things will change. I failed for two reasons: my heart was never in it and I never committed to it. Eventually I chose what I was passionate about, and was good at. It does not mean also, that choosing something you are good at will be rewarded with your expectation.

Let’s say you write an exam or a quiz, and your instructor writes excellent. Now, excellent denotes exceeding expectation, so you expect to be rewarded with an A, but instead you are rewarded with a B. Does that mean you did not do well? No. It just means you might not always get what you expected in the place you expected it from. It also means not every environment you find yourself will give you similar results.

You can deal with the unexpected by developing a mindset to pursue your goal, develop the skill set and knowledge, because you might not always have someone to teach you or tell you what to do, but if you develop a foundation for everything you do, you will always find a way to reach your goal even if your results are not what you expected. Situations change, but expectations do not. You have to adjust to measure up to the demands of your environment, because even if you do not achieve what you set out for, it does not mean it will never happen for you. As much as you might have to deal with the unexpected, look out for it, it will help you be better prepared for it, knowing that things shall not always be the same.

Hello world!

I started this blog to share some of the things I have learned over the years, about Jesus, life, and anything that I think the world should know. There are so many things going on in this world, and just when you think you have it all figured out, something happens. It does not have to be negative or positive to push you into any direction, but if you develop a solid foundation, every change or challenge will become an opportunity for you to grow and march into your destiny.