Aren’t Mondays the worst, spending a wonderful time over the weekend,  going to church, enjoying family time, relaxing, only to realize that it is Sunday evening, and you have to go back to work, school or something that in Friday afternoon, you had been so excited to leave behind? 

The beginning of the week also means the start of exciting things that God has in store for you. It might seem the busiest day of the week, but Friday is around the corner, and like everything you have been experiencing, Friday is approaching, and everything you have been working towards is about to yield exceptional and great rewards. 

Happy Monday and God bless you.


School or No School 

Growing up, everyone is encouraged to go to school, do your homework, study for an extensive amount of time, listening to your teachers. What happens when you exit the confines of school, and your degree is no match for the career you want to get into. I have had a struggle with this issue because, prior to graduating, my entire focus was on gaining enough experience within the field I wanted to get into. My quest to be great at what I wanted to do overshadowed everything I was learning in school. 

I always approached my professors with one question, ‘How do I become better?’, and I always did what I was told, only to enter the real world and be told that I needed an experience in a field I had no experience in. So is going to school worth it or not? Even if you go to school, how sure are you that your degree is going to land you into your career? Don’t get me wrong, school is great, but shouldn’t there be a balance to entering into your desired field? I know there are various avenues to demonstrate what you learn in school, but if there is one thing I have learnt, it’s that, do not allow inexperience to dictate how far you can reach. 

I am currently pursuing my masters, and it has been a very great experience for me, because I have always approached any field I want to enter in from two angles: What I know and what I need to know. 

What I know is a combination of what I have been taught and what I have experienced for myself. I had the opportunity to send some of my work to outlets that were outside the confines of my school, and it was because some of my professors wanted to expose us to the realities of what existed beyond the school. This is not the case for everyone, because even what you know is not enough sometimes. I got out of school and realized I needed to do more, and so as soon as I finished my undergraduate, I enrolled in the masters program I am in, which became my ‘what I need to know’.

What I need to is what made me pursue the masters program, but I have also understood that God is going to open up a way for you where your degree cannot. The Bible says that in all your ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct your path. Where your degree is not enough to grant you the experience to increase, God is going to give you an opening to increase. So, go to school if you can, but never allow any degree to be all that you can be. You are more than a degree.

God bless you.


Going Through The Motions

So many things happen to us during the course of the day, weeks or months that bring out different reactions. Let’s say you are driving, and someone cuts in front of you without warning, most people’s reaction is that of anger. The reason for the anger  is what could have happened, you could have died but you were focused on the road, and so when it happened, your senses  allowed you to overcome that situation.

Motions are what we go through, and they come out of situations we go through. It does not matter if it is a situation of your own creation, sometimes certain situations arise we did not plan for. You do not decide what family to be born in, what town to be born into, and you are forced to deal with whatever that atmosphere presents. When you are finally able to talk or think, you realize you have already been thrust into a life you had no choice in, but that is what you are dealt with. It can be frustrating sometimes, when you are a child, but you grow up and develop a mindset of your own, and then you are confronted with making a choice based on what you know and what you have discovered.

The motions we go through are when even after we have discovered those things, we still have no say or action in the situation we find ourselves in. You did not have a choice in it, but you have to spend a good portion of your life, living a life based on someone’s suggestions. Another thing is, that the person or people who were part of your beginning are people who have an understanding of what it takes to go through the motions. It will feel like anger, sadness, fear, etc., because you never know what that person is going to introduce you to next, and it is not always going to be something you are comfortable with, but if there is a trust between you too, it will always lead you to where you are supposed to be.

Certain things happen to us that we have no control of, and there is nothing we can do about it. The relationship between us and God is the greatest example. We ask God for things all the time, and it comes very fast sometimes, and at other times, it comes slow. Once you know this, you will find it easy to understand that motions are normal, that a choice, regardless of what it is, will not elicit the same result. Your choices may have an uncertain future, but your future is certain because your motions are what have made you excel in everything you have done, and knowing that your motions are going to be different will always bring you different results, but positive and great results. 

Don’t allow your motions to determine your success, but let it strengthen you in all you do, and no matter what you achieve, it will always bring you to where God wants you to be and what he has in store for you.

God bless you. 


Your Requirement

I received a call one day about a job offer, which I qualified for, except they wanted someone who spoke Spanish. It made me think, that how many people have reached a point of greatness, and been disqualified because of a basic requirement they did not have. I call it basic because it exists in some environments, and not in others. Have you ever been denied because of a requirement you did not have? It might not necessarily be Spanish, but Russian, Italian, or something else entirely. The thing is, that sometimes, your qualification may not be intended for what you think. Assuming I was hired, I would be able to do my job, until I come across a patient who speaks only Spanish, and my qualification disqualifies me. You are disqualified for that position, but not all other positions. It does not mean you should go out of that environment to someplace else, because whilst I was unqualified for that position, I was made to understand that I might be qualified for another position that did not require speaking a different language.

It is important to understand why it happens, because sometimes, it seems like the ideal situation, and you go for it, only to be told if you had this, you would be the best candidate for this position. You have to understand that you are spared the agony of humiliation. Sometimes, you are spared because what God has in store for you is greater than what you were going for.


“When you are invited by anyone to a wedding feast, do not sit down in the best place, lest one more honorable than you be invited by him;  and he who invited you and him come and say to you, ‘Give place to this man,’ and then you begin with shame to take the lowest place.  But when you are invited, go and sit down in the lowest place, so that when he who invited you comes he may say to you, ‘Friend, go up higher.’ Then you will have glory in the presence of those who sit at the table with you.  For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”
Luke 14:8‭-‬11 NKJV

Verse 14 talks about knowing your place, because knowing where your qualification puts you will determine how you are perceived. It does not mean you aim for something lower, but when you find yourself in a position where everyone possesses the same or similar qualities, it is best to go in as what they think you are, and until they show up and , you present yourself as you.

This parable is about an event, but the things we go through in life are events, and whether you have an idea about an event or not, you are only as good as what the host says you are. It is your qualification that got you through, but it is your character that will determine whether you remain there or not.

The parable is concentrated on finding yourself in the right place, even in the right environment. We go through life, finding ourselves in situations that are often right, yet are full of sections that have different elements. There are so many people who want to be doctors, yet, there are different types of doctors that serve diverse needs. When you are told your requirements are not enough, do not try to force yourself into a situation you are not meant to be in. It is either you learn the requirement or search for where your qualifications fit. Ask God where your requirements fit in, and he will determine whether your requirements deserve an upgrade or another environment.

Requirements are just that, the real prize is what lies ahead of your placement. It is God that determines where you end up, so when your requirements become inadequate, do not see it as a setback, but an entry point created for you to enter, and like the parable, the host will bring you to where you are supposed to be. Life will feel like you need a requirement every time, but know that you can overcome it because of the way you present yourself in the sight of your host. Make use of what you have in your hand and nothing shall ever be out of your reach. It is God that made you, and he will qualify you for anything that is yours.

God bless you.


You Are Unique The Way You Are

​Be open and ready to demonstrate the God in you. You never know the environment you may find yourself in, so do not discount any situation you find yourself in. The person you are might be just what a community needs to advance into God’s purpose. Do not change unless it is God causing the change. You were made to be different, and appreciating your difference will allow you to impact more lives than you can imagine, but it only happens when you stay true to who you are. So, who are you and where do you find yourself?

Salt is salt no matter where you put it, and it does not try to be anything else other than what it was made for. So are you, and  you can be your best when you stay true to who you are, and within where you are effective the most. It does not you will not encounter challenges, but your true self shall always overcome anything that stands against you, because your true self is founded on what makes you exceptional. So, who are you and what makes you exceptional from everyone else? The key is to be different yet true to yourself. If you shall be true to yourself, there is nothing that can stand in your way to success.

Do not deviate from who you are meant to be, and nothing shall be our of your reach.

God bless you. 


Don’t Settle For Less

Everyone has to grow, and in growth we discover whether we are capable of something or not. Your purpose is tied to how much you can do, and what you can accomplish or not. Sometimes, the reason someone might not be in purpose is due to that individual’s unwillingness to move. When you do not move, everything becomes stagnant. The stagnancy of a person’s situation is not that he or she cannot accomplish anything beyond his/her current situation, it’s that the individual creates a situation that makes any movement futile. Why is it, that people’s lives become stagnant and how can you recognize whether you are in a stagnant situation or not? Stagnancy can be a negative situation as well as a positive one. You have to know what your purpose is, and understand where you are in your life, and determine whether you have become stagnant or not.

Your life should not depend on a single level of success, but how much your success enables you to grow. It is easy to see a level of success and perceive that to be the ultimate level. Each of us have our own path to follow, and a place to go to. In Deuteronomy 1:6, God reminds the Israelites of the promise he had given them, and a reason to move. Sometimes we focus too much on getting out of a struggle, that when we are able to get out of it, it becomes difficult to move beyond that mentality of being able to overcome anything else, and we would rather stay where we are than move anywhere else that might challenge us. For some, it becomes the drive for them to move beyond, but for others, it is a struggle because it took so long they became used to that situation. However, the situation we find ourselves in can be just what we needed, and yet, they can deter us from doing anything else.

It is important to understand that when you achieve something, it is not the end. Sometimes we forget where our lives are supposed to lead. We are sometimes the carriers of our own limitation in what we are capable of. What do you do when something is stagnant? Stagnancy is very tricky, because sometimes, water can flow through a stagnant situation, confusing what is really happening. Two things can happen when you become stagnant, your life becomes blocked or you never grow. When you understand that every success you achieve is a step up to getting closer to your destiny, you watch out for any situation that might result in a stagnant situation.

Let’s say you earn $100000 a year. Now that is big money for someone. Most people have probably have never seen that kind of money in their lives. Does that mean that when you finally start earning that amount a year, that that is the end of anything you can accomplish? Stagnation will choke your purpose out of you.

Understand that your purpose is much more than what you earn. Any success you achieve opens up entry to something greater. When a level of success seems like an impossible task, it is understandable to want to remain there, especially if the price of that success was an overwhelming challenge. You have to understand that in the same way you were able to overcome that challenge, you will also be able to overcome anything that you encounter. The more you grow, the more your world expands, and so you have to know that with expansion comes understanding of how to fill every space that comes with the expansion. God knows everything that lies ahead of you. Do not limit what God can do through and with your life just because your current success seems so out of this world. There is much more you can accomplish if you will get up from where you are and move to greater heights.

God bless you.


Learn to Keep Your Focus

Keeping your focus is one of the most important aspects of achieving anything in life. I say this because I created this blog more than a year ago, but it is only a couple of weeks ago that I started putting anything here. I thought to myself that I needed a specific content of information before I could count myself as ready. The thing is, sometimes you never know what you have until you do something. You have to search within yourself to find the content. You can never offer people something that you have not identified. You cannot focus on your goal if you try to be like somebody else. I have said previously that your purpose is unique to you, and the way you become successful is by crafting your ideas to your purpose. Distraction comes in when you try to emulate someone’s success without understanding what they did to get to where they are. 

It is great to admire people for their success, and you can use their success as a motivational tool. You have to understand no matter how similar your goal is to someone, how you get there is going to be different. For example, there are many writers, yet everyone’s content is different. Even if the content is the same, how you craft your content will determine how well you do. For you to do that, you need to be able to focus on what makes you different. Anything you know you are good at, make that your focus. Once you are able to do that, nothing shall be able to distract you from getting to your destination. 

Another thing I think is important multiplicity of purpose. I decided to be be a writer, a motivational speaker/preacher and own a business one day. In the beginning I was excited about it, but it also became a distraction, because I tried to make preparations for all at the same time without a strategic plan. What I have done is develop a plan to focus on each aspect at different times, so that I will always have my mind on one singular purpose at a time. 

I decided to be a writer eight years ago, and I began to write some things down, but never got to finish anything or publish anything, because instead of focusing on one thing at a time, I wanted to write about so many things at the same time. It was no guarantee where I would be today, but, maybe, I would be somewhere greater than where I am now. The point is, if you focus, plan and prioritize, nothing in your life is ever going to be delayed. You shall receive everything on time, and at the right time. You are unstoppable. 

God bless you.