Living With Purpose

The ground exists for several reasons, and it contains so much more than what we see. Deep within every ground is what makes all the beautiful trees we see so rich with color, and everything we see. You do not plant a mango when an apple grows, and you do not plant corn where cabbage grows. How is it, that it is the same soil, yet different things thrive in different places? We all have our places to be, what capacity we have to be in and what we are.

In order to produce anything, you have to have something to sow and where to sow it. Everyone was born, carrying something within them, and it is this seed that you plant to become who you are supposed to be. What is your seed, and have you planted the seed you were given or have you taken another seed that is not yours to grow?

A baby does not jump out of his mother’s womb, ready to become a lawyer, pastor, teacher, etc. You have to go through a process. Even if you have planted before, you always have prepare the soil, know how to place your seeds, and constant supervision in order to maintain the integrity of the seed. Before a baby comes out of a mother’s womb, it takes nine months because it has to be formed into what it is supposed to be like when it is outside its mother’s womb. Your purpose has to match your seed, so you are not swept by anything that is in conflict with who you are supposed to be.

The ground is the foundation of your stability, and the place where your seed is nourished. Never run away from your foundation; not only does it give you stability, it feeds your purpose.

Living with purpose is a lifestyle, which means when you discover your purpose, you practice it till you become effective and successful at it. Let’s say you want to become surgeon, no matter where you start, the moment you discover that purpose, you make it a part of your daily life to know how to become your purpose. You go through stages of growth before you can step into your purpose. You have to know your purpose before you can step into it.

I know some people are content to just flow like the wind, going where space is. The moment things begin to be moved into an empty space, the air begins to be pushed out. Take a bottle, always full of air, but the moment you fill it with something, the air begins to go out. Air is everywhere because that is its purpose. You can’t flow like air if you have not been able to discover your purpose.

“Let me tell you why you are here. You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth.
Matthew 5:13‭ MSG
You have to understand who you are to know your purpose. Verse 13 talks about salt being what makes the soup tasteful, which your purpose has to lead to creation of something else. Your purpose is not to be hidden. You were not made to be be hidden but to be seen. Your purpose has to show everywhere you are, either in deed or character.

If you do not know what your purpose is, be like the salt, know your substance and know where you fit, because light exposes and salt adds value to what you have. In this same way, your purpose is not something new; you are born with it. Your purpose is something that comes natural to you. It does not mean it will be easy, it just means you are capable of handling anything because your purpose is part of you.

The reason you might have difficulty making your purpose is when you see it as a long-term idea. ‘I will start doing it when I am here or when I have this’. The longer you separate yourself from your purpose, the harder it becomes for you to do anything about it. When your purpose is not part of your life, you cannot develop the skill set to handle the responsibilities that come with your purpose.

Before I started writing, I always said that I will do certain things after I have become this, and I realized that the longer I took to plan how my purpose fits into my life, the harder I was able to do anything else. Your purpose is the foundation upon which everything else you do is built. The salt that you are, is what makes everything in your life become tasteful. When you prepare soup or any kind of food, it will not be tasteful until you add salt to it. It is the salt that unites every other ingredient in the food, so is your life; the more you grow your purpose, the easier you are able to step into it.

Your purpose becomes your motivation, and everything that you do is affected by it. Even if your purpose exists within your profession, it makes you want to try harder. Let’s say you are a teacher, and your real passion is making sure people rise up to their potential. You cannot know what someone’s purpose is, but through your commitment as a teacher, you can help others discover their own and step into it. It makes you wake up everyday and go into your profession, and see everything you do as being more of your purpose than anything else. You do it even when no one is watching or even if it is not during school hours. It becomes a part of your life, making sure others become who they are supposed to be.

Living with purpose is more than just knowing what it is; it is becoming what your purpose is, on this earth that you dwell in. Make your purpose a part of your daily life and you will never be the same.

God bless you.


  1. Indeed, becoming one’s purpose is a journey. “Make your purpose a part of your daily life and you will never be the same.” These are words to live by. Thank you!

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