The Cycle of Life

Many of us view our lives like the days of the week, Monday comes and we wish it was Friday; Sunday comes and we wish Monday would never come. Of course it is different with everyone, because someone’s Monday may be another person’s Friday. The issue is, that life is a cycle of events, stretched across multiple days, years and months, and even with the best laid plans, nothing is guaranteed. Some of us develop a foundation, where no matter what happens or when it happens, we are able to turn a situation and make it into a positive one.

The cycle of life may seem like a repeat, but it is that repeat that breeds new life into the old one. Repeat is not always a bad thing; it just means doing something over again either to perfect it or make sure it works the way it is supposed to. Life is that way because like the human body, the arm and the leg have different functions, yet are connected together. Look at the functions of your body as the seasons, when it is cold, you wear a sweater to protect your body from freezing to death. Does it mean everything that happened in the summer was bad? No. It just means the current season brings something different, and requires something different to get through it.


Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 explains that everything under the earth has a purpose. It could be cold in one place and hot in another because that is what life is like.

You have to understand that a season is temporary, because when you plant, you do not harvest the same day. Life will seem like planting sometimes, and seem like harvesting at other times. In between planting and harvesting, a lot of maintenance has to be done to ensure success.

Seasons are like cycles, they come and go, but it is what happens in between that counts. You can envision yourself to be anything you want, but to actually get into who you want to be, you have to have the tools necessary to handle anything you encounter. You have to know that God knows the season you are in, and even before it started, God had prepared you to handle what the season would bring.

The cycles will always come and go, but you have to learn what cycle you are in, and plan accordingly, because every cycle might be different, but if you understand the cycle of life, it won’t matter what season you encounter or what it brings, you will always be able to handle it. Know that the God who created the season understands what takes to get through every season, and He made you with every step and season in mind. Develop a foundation, make it a God foundation, and no season shall be able to do anything God did not prepare for you.

Cycles exist for the same reason you go through the day doing different things. Morning shall come, and you will have to go through something different. You can get through anything, as long as you do not lose focus of your goal.

Which Path do I Choose?

Everyday we wake up with plans already in place as to what we are going to do, and how we will accomplish those goals. When you step into your car, bus or train, you know where to stop, how long it will take you to get to your destination. Everything seems like clockwork, until you end up in traffic, the train is delayed or the bus is late, and you are confronted with the likelihood that you are not going to get to your destination on time. So you go early the next time, hoping to get to your destination on time, only this time, you get there too early and you are not ready for what you find because nothing has been prepared for you. Such is the life that we encounter daily. Sometimes, the best path may seem clear until you step on it, and then you realize it is not the same as how it was yesterday. The path has not changed, it is the condition of the path that is not the same.

 I remember driving yesterday, and I got to a part of the road where one side was cloudy, and the place I was coming from was still sunny. The road was still the same, it was the atmosphere that was different. Does it mean I go back to the sunny road, no? What if you go back and it’s not sunny anymore? Do you keep chasing a sunny road, or do you just go with it? Like the seasons of the year, you do not put life on hold or opt to remain where you are just because the conditions have changed. There are certain things you cannot control, but what you can control is how you respond to those changes on the road to your destiny.

The fact of life is this, no day is always going to be the same. Your destination is always going to be there; it is the path you take that will determine whether you get there early, late or on time. Proverbs 3:6 explains that paying attention to the voice of God in everything you do will help keep you on track. The uncertainty of the path you choose requires patience and clarity, and who better to show you other than God, who has an idea of every path you will take. 

The fact is, the only person who knows anything about your path is you, but the only one who actually knows what your path entails is God. People plan what they want to achieve, the path they have chosen, and everything is great until you meet something you did not plan for, and then it shifts your path. You might shift your path because you think you encountered something that was not part of your plan. It is like driving, and thinking the person in front of you is slow, so you switch to the next lane, only to realize the lane you switched to is worse than the one you were on. In as much as you can’t predict what lies ahead, you also should not move blindly till you know more. Acknowledge God in everything you do, and you shall always find yourself on the right track.

When you find yourself experiencing unfamiliar conditions, know that your destination has not changed, and you are more than capable of handling any changes. You have come this far, and there is nothing that can stop you from getting to your destination. Sure, the road may seem different at times, but with God, nothing shall be able to stop you from getting to your destination on time and at the right time. 

You know where you are going, and you will get there if you remain on track.

God bless you.