Hot or Cold

When it is hot, many of us want cold, and when it is cold, many of us want hot. When it is cold, some of us want just the cold, without any snow, and some want snow to fall. Each one of us has a certain desire when the seasons come and go, and wish sometimes, that the season we are in will happen the way we want it to, but things do not happen that way. You can only control what you are capable of.

When you are in your house, car, or even work, you can sometimes control the temperature so you can be more efficient, but when you find yourself in a place where the only thing you control is your contribution, all you can do is focus on that. Eventually, you shall receive a promotion that will carry you into a much better atmosphere. There shall still be things you cannot control, but whether hot or cold, your ability to carry out your responsibility is always going to overshadow the things you cannot control.

You can do everything, because the environment you find yourself in does not define who you are, but what you carry in you does. Stay blessed, for you are capable of more than your environment dictates.

God bless you.

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