Don’t Rush

It is always a joy when you discover what you are capable of. It is more wonderful when you see what success your capabilities can bring you. Many of us proceed to act on what we see as our strengths, and our strengths become our drive in any position we find ourselves. As long as what you are capable of feeds into what your purpose, you can be able to flow into anything your life is purposed for. 

Rushing is going beyond a pace you are not used to. Rushing is not always negative, because rushing can also mean picking up the pace to ensure on time arrival and at the right moment. 

Someone recently mentioned to me that the reason you have achieved anything is not because you are slow or fast, but what you carry has to be perfected and introduced in a matured form. Introduce it too early or too late and it might not generate the level of success you hoped it would. The fact is, there is no manual to determine how well you will do in any situation, but careful steps will ensure you always find yourself in the right place and at the right moment to succeed in all that you do. Your one source of direction is God, who will ensure that you always arrive at your destination, on time and at the right moment. 

God bless you.


I assume everyone has been in a hurry to get somewhere, and you are moving. You are driving, and from afar off you see a traffic stop, and the light is green, and you think to yourself ‘if I hurry up, I can cross before it turns red’. Just when you are about to get there, the light turns yellow, which is an indication for you to slow down or hurry up, because other drivers on another side are about to get their turn, which has nothing to do with where you are going, but those are the rules of the road, and regardless of how fast or slow you want to get to your destination, there is always going to be a traffic light in your way.

Much like the rules of the road, life is also going to have traffic stops. When you see yellow light, it means wait, which translates to something better or be cautious of the road you are about to step on. Many of us do not want to wait, because some see waiting as a delay to achieving their goals in life. How many people can drink a bottle of water and say they would not deronk water again for the rest of their lives? Eventually, you will have to stop and refill, and when it happens, it is not a delay or a roadblock, it is a chance for you to refuel and be better than you were before. 

Some areas of your life are going to feel like traffic stops, telling you to WAIT sometimes, STOP sometimes, and feel like GO sometimes, it will not delay your progress in life, but give you a renewed strength to achieve success in all you do, and when it proves to be a negative experience, use it to fuel your drive to make it. 

The fact of life is that there are always going to be be traffic stops. You can never know if it is a yellow, red or green, but nothing can ever delay what God has designed for you. When you encounter a WAIT sign, take time and examine what is causing the wait. When you encounter a STOP sign, use that time to re-energize all the tools you need to keep moving. When you encounter a GO sign, move with a purposeful and focused resolve, and grab what is yours. You are under the protection and the guide of God, who knew you before you entered this world.

God bless you.

You Are Close

I was praying when a story came to my mind, and I am sure many of us have heard of this story. A man bought a land that had gold under it. He dug and dug but was getting nowhere. He gave up and sold the land. The next owner started to dig, and immediately he found gold. I understood in that moment, that many people give up too soon, just when God is about to expose you to your blessing.

The Bible says in James 1:6 that when you ask for something, you must believe and do not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. Your faith is what gives you a foundation that can never be be shaken. As long as you have the ask and the land, you shall locate your gold. The only thing remaining is to keep pushing ahead. The gold is one dig away; do not allow anything to stand between you and what is yours. The Bible says that where your treasure is, there your heart will be. You can do it. Keep pushing, and your treasure shall be revealed to you.

God bless you 

Hot or Cold

When it is hot, many of us want cold, and when it is cold, many of us want hot. When it is cold, some of us want just the cold, without any snow, and some want snow to fall. Each one of us has a certain desire when the seasons come and go, and wish sometimes, that the season we are in will happen the way we want it to, but things do not happen that way. You can only control what you are capable of.

When you are in your house, car, or even work, you can sometimes control the temperature so you can be more efficient, but when you find yourself in a place where the only thing you control is your contribution, all you can do is focus on that. Eventually, you shall receive a promotion that will carry you into a much better atmosphere. There shall still be things you cannot control, but whether hot or cold, your ability to carry out your responsibility is always going to overshadow the things you cannot control.

You can do everything, because the environment you find yourself in does not define who you are, but what you carry in you does. Stay blessed, for you are capable of more than your environment dictates.

God bless you.

Moving in Focus

Knowing your destination is important as knowing how and what to do you get there. When you ride the bus or train, your focus is always on getting there at the time that you perceive the train or bus will get there. You cannot take over the train or the bus just because you are in a hurry to get to your destination. Do not become distracted by how well you move, or it will shift your focus from where you are going to creating the perfect movement. 

I went to a farm once to buy some things, and in order to get what I wanted, I had to move in between where the crops were growing, because not every crop was ripe for plucking, and they were so grown close together, that by the time I was done, my clothes were all wet, and had been poked by a few thorns. I could have easily broken these thorns and made my way to wherever the ripe crops were, or even come home and wore better clothes, but I could not,  because even if I came back and changed my clothes, it would not change the conditions surrounding what I wanted. It is a farm, and that is the way things are grown there. Such is how our movements in life are, we do not move only when the environment satisfies us. In order to get to your destination, sometimes you might have to go through some thorny situations or wet situations. It is your movement that will determine how you arrive at your destination.

Conditions vary from location to location. It does not mean every movement you make is going to be met with unfavorable conditions, it just means that if you keep your focus on your destination, no thorny or wet situation, or any kind of situation can ever deter you from reaching your destination. Sure you will feel some pain or encounter resistance, you shall make it to your destination because you never allowed yourself to be distracted. 

Movement is important in everyday life, but don’t just move because you have legs or a car, but when you move, let your focus be on where you are going, and no matter what you encounter, you shall always succeed in getting to your destination. 

God bless you.

One Act

Life can be funny sometimes. During the day, we meet a lot of people, some we know and others we don’t. We have different reactions based on who we know and how well we know them. Nothing you do for someone is too small or too great, as long as you do it with an open heart. The only reward you might ever get is a thank you, because that is all that many people have. Whether you know someone or not, if you feel the need to do something wonderful for someone, do not allow the unknown to deter you from doing the one act that can change someone’s life for the better. 

No matter where you find yourself, you carry something that can bless someone’s life. You have what it takes to change someone’s life. One act from you can be just what someone needs to get through the day. Nothing you have is too big or small to make a difference in the world, that is why no one has what you have. 

All it takes is one act, and everything in your life is better. You are a life changer regardless of where you may find yourself.

God bless you.

There is Something in The Dark 

Close your eyes for a second. What do you see? Is it an emptiness of nothing or a darkness of purpose? Regardless of what you see, the only way you know it’s dark or empty is in your mind. When a place is dark, familiarity will give you an idea of the environment you are in. Darkness implies absence of clarity, and not an emptiness of purpose. 

When Hurricane Sandy struck, many people experienced blackouts. It was a long time I had experienced darkness for a long time, but I was not worried, because I was familiar with my environment. The substance of what I have does not diminish, neither does it increase until I did something with it. I was in school at that time, and had to do some assignments, so I took what I needed from the darkness I was in, and moved to a different location that had power and Internet connection. How did I know I had what I had? Because I knew what my environment was, and what I had in that environment, and what I had to do to keep moving towards my purpose.

Your life does not have to come to a halt just because you have experienced darkness. What you need to succeed does not become invalid or disappear just because you cannot see it. Your potential exists within you whether you are in a dark situation or not. You just have to adjust to a different environment in order to become the person you are meant to be, but know that what you need is always with you. God is with you and will always reveal to you what is in the dark. 

You are more than the darkness. Your value can never be overshadowed by the darkness you experience. 

God bless you. 

Keep Going

Here I sit, wondering if I should take a break from everything or keep going. I ask myself this because I find that sometimes, we can be so focused on accomplishing our goals in life that we forget to take care of ourselves to ensure we can enjoy our successes. This is not to say that stop what you are doing, but that you understand that God will bring you to whatever He has promised to you. Do not be stressed because your plans have not manifested, because they will, and you should keep going, but those plans require relaxation and sometimes, movement. 

It is ok to slow down sometimes. Nothing can delay what God has ordered to happen in your life. Keep going in the pace that God has set for you, and when you find yourself feeling stressed, take a moment and examine where it is that your life is headed. Only you are on the road you are on. Your strength is specific to who you are and your destination. Do not be forced to abandon what has made you successful in your life. You succeeded and shall continue to succeed, but keep going at your own pace and nothing can hinder your progress.

God bless you.