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One Act

Life can be funny sometimes. During the day, we meet a lot of people, some we know and others we don’t. We have different reactions based on who we know and how well we know them. Nothing you do for someone is too small or too great, as long as you do it with an open heart. The only reward you might ever get is a thank you, because that is all that many people have. Whether you know someone or not, if you feel the need to do something wonderful for someone, do not allow the unknown to deter you from doing the one act that can change someone’s life for the better. 

No matter where you find yourself, you carry something that can bless someone’s life. You have what it takes to change someone’s life. One act from you can be just what someone needs to get through the day. Nothing you have is too big or small to make a difference in the world, that is why no one has what you have. 

All it takes is one act, and everything in your life is better. You are a life changer regardless of where you may find yourself.

God bless you.

There is Something in The Dark 

Close your eyes for a second. What do you see? Is it an emptiness of nothing or a darkness of purpose? Regardless of what you see, the only way you know it’s dark or empty is in your mind. When a place is dark, familiarity will give you an idea of the environment you are in. Darkness implies absence of clarity, and not an emptiness of purpose. 

When Hurricane Sandy struck, many people experienced blackouts. It was a long time I had experienced darkness for a long time, but I was not worried, because I was familiar with my environment. The substance of what I have does not diminish, neither does it increase until I did something with it. I was in school at that time, and had to do some assignments, so I took what I needed from the darkness I was in, and moved to a different location that had power and Internet connection. How did I know I had what I had? Because I knew what my environment was, and what I had in that environment, and what I had to do to keep moving towards my purpose.

Your life does not have to come to a halt just because you have experienced darkness. What you need to succeed does not become invalid or disappear just because you cannot see it. Your potential exists within you whether you are in a dark situation or not. You just have to adjust to a different environment in order to become the person you are meant to be, but know that what you need is always with you. God is with you and will always reveal to you what is in the dark. 

You are more than the darkness. Your value can never be overshadowed by the darkness you experience. 

God bless you. 

Keep Going

Here I sit, wondering if I should take a break from everything or keep going. I ask myself this because I find that sometimes, we can be so focused on accomplishing our goals in life that we forget to take care of ourselves to ensure we can enjoy our successes. This is not to say that stop what you are doing, but that you understand that God will bring you to whatever He has promised to you. Do not be stressed because your plans have not manifested, because they will, and you should keep going, but those plans require relaxation and sometimes, movement. 

It is ok to slow down sometimes. Nothing can delay what God has ordered to happen in your life. Keep going in the pace that God has set for you, and when you find yourself feeling stressed, take a moment and examine where it is that your life is headed. Only you are on the road you are on. Your strength is specific to who you are and your destination. Do not be forced to abandon what has made you successful in your life. You succeeded and shall continue to succeed, but keep going at your own pace and nothing can hinder your progress.

God bless you.

The Empty Mind

I was sitting down one morning, and I was trying to come up with something to write about, and I could not think of anything. I searched through so many writings I had done, and I was trying to write something new. I prayed and my mind was blank, and the only thing I could think of was the empty mind. It was not that there was nothing to write about, but what was important to write about. This brought my mind to how we try to force to our lives to achieve certain things when God has not led us to it yet.

Each one of us has a way to follow, and sometimes it might seem like you are stuck, and it might seem like nothing can stand in your way, and nothing can stand in your way, but sometimes, your mind has to be empty in order for God to fill it. 

The Emptiness that you may feel in your life sometimes is not absence of progress, but an upgrade of purpose. It means you are about to be filled with new content, so you can get farther than you have ever gone before.

Another week has begun, and you have been given new content to advance into greater things and achieve greater things. You may feel empty sometimes, but that is God bringing in new content for what you are about to embark on. You are about to step into something new, but you need an empty mind in order to receive a greater mind for what life is about to deal you with. When you find yourself  feeling empty minded, do not be alarmed, there is something new being deposited within you.

God bless you. 

No Alteration

Life can seem like alteration sometimes. Every step you take, you take something away or add something to what you already have. The demand of life is that every level you go to, you will need something that you didn’t have before. Alteration can be good or bad, because you alter to accommodate, and it is not necessary to carry everything to the next level.

When I sat down to write this, my mind was on alteration as trying to patch things up that are broken or torn in your life or my life, because it is not so easy to throw away the things that remind us of our shortcomings or what made us who we are. In times of battle, a soldier on the field of battle did not have the luxury of just going back and getting a uniform, you fixed what you had and continued pushing ahead till the soldier was victorious. Such is our lives, sometimes our lives are a continues effort of alterations, changing what we have to suit our needs, and our only choice is to use what we have, even if it is not the best option to deal with the situation we find ourselves in. Your only option sometimes is what you have in the moment, and it is how you make use of it that will determine whether you succeed or not. 

When an army goes to fight, there is always someone with medical expertise, someone to radio in on the situation on the ground, someone to give instructions, etc. Sometimes you have to be all of this on your own, but that is because of your ability to do anything. I have said that no alteration is needed, because you have to know what to alter and what to patch up. You alter what has nothing to do with what you are trying to accomplish, and you patch what is significant to you achieving your goals in life, and sometimes, reinforcements are necessary, regardless, knowing what you need in whatever situation will help you succeed in whatever you find yourself in.

There have been many times I have done alterations, because nothing ever fit where I saw myself ending up in life. I went through three majors before settling on what I really wanted to do, which was not easy because they were all promising, but you need to know where you are going in order to understand what you will need on that journey, because sometimes, you may find yourself alone, and at other times, you may find people to help you get there. Regardless, you are more than a conqueror, and as the Bible says, “David encouraged himself in the Lord”-1 Samuel 30:6. 

The tools you need to succeed in life are in you. You are stronger and capable of anything in whatever situation you find yourself in.

God bless you 

Patience will get you there

I was driving this morning, and many drivers on the road were driving so fast, and when I went further, I discovered there was some minor traffic on the road. It made me think to myself how sometimes we are in so much hurry to achieve our goals, that we forget to let the wisdom of God guide us to where we want to be. 

Two weeks ago I was on my way to the airport, and there was a huge traffic. A car came up behind me, and before I knew it, the driver was cutting in front of everyone just because he was in a hurry. Each one of us has destination he/she has to get to, and as much it’s important to get there, it is equally important to understand how to move. Getting to your destination is not about how fast or slow you go, but how well you move. You might know your destination, the means you are using to get there, but not the things or people who make up the road. You may be careful in pursuing your goal, but not everyone is as careful as you are, and being patient will give you clarity to move and the ability to handle anything, whether it is slow or fast traffic. Nothing can stand in the way of you getting to your destination on time and being successful, but patience is necessary.

God bless you.

Another Day

What are your expectations for today? Did you achieve everything you set your mind on? The day is not over yet, and your success is not limited to one day. Every day is different, and just because today’s result was not the same does not mean you will not get to your destination. Just as Mondays can be stressful, eventually, Tuesday will come, so will all the rest of the days, and nothing can change your ability to be successful in anything you have planned. Everyday is just another day, and everyday is part of a process you will go through. Keep your focus on any goals you have set for yourself, and no matter what day it is, God will bring you to succeed in everything in your life. It is just another day, but your success remains secured no matter when it happens, so know that your success can show up anytime on any day.

God bless you.