I assume everyone has been in a hurry to get somewhere, and you are moving. You are driving, and from afar off you see a traffic stop, and the light is green, and you think to yourself ‘if I hurry up, I can cross before it turns red’. Just when you are about to get […]

One Act

Life can be funny sometimes. During the day, we meet a lot of people, some we know and others we don’t. We have different reactions based on who we know and how well we know them. Nothing you do for someone is too small or too great, as long as you do it with an […]

No Alteration

Life can seem like alteration sometimes. Every step you take, you take something away or add something to what you already have. The demand of life is that every level you go to, you will need something that you didn’t have before. Alteration can be good or bad, because you alter to accommodate, and it […]